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Studio-K's payment conditions
Last updated: 130318

In order to participate in our courses and events you have to accept the following rules:

Prices & discounts
All our prices are including taxes. Unless otherwise stated you can combine the different discounts.

When are you obliged to pay the fee?
By starting a course you are obliged to pay the whole course fee. If you can not fulfill the course you must still pay the course fee. You are however welcome to repeat some courses for free or with discoutn later on (see below).

Singing up to other activities other then the ordinary courses, for exempel dance festivals, camps and dinners is always binding. If not otherwise stated you have to cancel your place 14 days before the activity starts. Otherwise you will still have to pay the full amount even if you can not participate in the activity no matter reason.

When should the payment be done?
If you need more time to be able to pay the course fee please let us know so that we can give you a dispensation.

If you are accepted to a class you will receive an email of accpetence where the last day for payment is stated. This date is usually before the start of the course. If you sign up less then 10 days befor the start of the course you only have 5 days to pay the fee.

On the courses where you can try the first lesson for free the payment has to be done before the second lesson.

How do you make the payment?
All our payments are done to our bankgiro 5320-2644. We can make an exception and accept your fee in cash at the first lesson if you don't have a Swedish bank account. We also accept wellness cheques with a administration fee of 15%.

Late payments
Managing late payments form a considerable amount of extra work for us. Therefor a penalty fee of 50kr is added to your course fee if it is late. Unpayed payments, despite repeated emails, is handled by the Swedish authorities (Kronofogden). Contact us if you have difficulties paying in time.

If a course has been canceled we will refund you the whole course fee. We will also refund you the membership fee if it has been payed only for that course.

In some special cases, such as serious long term sickness or other extraordinary circumstances, we sometime make an exception from our rules and refund you for the remaining number of the lessons even after that you have started a course. The memberships fee is however not refunded.

- In most courses we will be filming and taking pictures of the participents in order to get feedback on how we are doing the excersises. The participents can access this material through a closed group on Facebook where we put some of this material. Different dances in the studio have different groups. No names or comments are added to the pictures/movies.
- The participents are not allowed to film each other without permission. You can however film the theachers when they do a demonstration at the end of the lesson.

Repeating a course
If there are place available you are welcome to repeat the beginners level at discounted price or even for free as follows:
- Couple dances such as bugg, salsa, lindyhop, zouk, tango, ballroom: Free repetition.
- Solo dances such as jazzdance, oriental, streetdance, flamenco: 50% discount
- Other courses such as ZUMBA, theater, music, yoga, massage: always full price

You can not combine these repetition discounts with other offers for the same course.

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